For MOPS International's 2017 MOMcon convention, I was asked to direct, shoot, and edit a piece in which I attempted to capture what makes motherhood so special. For the women out there reading and seeing this:

Thank you. We see your sacrifices and are grateful. We could not do it without you.

Shot with two 5D Mark IVs, with one very small light kit and a lot of patience from these women and children.

A quick little Mother's Day video for 2017. Who doesn't love some candid takes when mom's not in the room?!

If you've ever shot with kids, you know the struggle. Whether it's keeping focus or keeping attention spans going, children present some unique challenges in a video environment. A huge shout out to Jamie over at MOPS for getting these little ones set up with food in their bellies and a fun set of questions to riff off of. Shot using only window light and a lone 5D Mark IV.

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